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Tired of living beneath a dirty roof that looks awful and brings down the value of your property? Want to spruce up your home prior to a sale? Roof Cleaning Bedfordshire provides expedient and comprehensive services at affordable prices. Need professional roof cleaners but sure how to find them? We can help you find the best roof cleaning services so that you can have that spotless, ideal roof.
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Basic Roof Cleaning Services: Roof cleaning is a relatively new service offered to home-owners who have a problem with bacterial and fungal infestations on their roofs. The most common problems are green and black algae, mosses, mildews, and moulds as well as other fauna. These create a problem for shingles and tiles and also attract birds which may result in unwanted nests and clogged gutters. Roof cleaning services include removing the algae, clearing gutters and inspecting for damage. Then Bedfordshire roof cleaners will then recommend repairs if required.
What Causes Those Black Streaks? Black streaks on a roof are the most common cause for concern. These often harbour a number of fungal and bacterial growths including common green and black algae. Fungal infestations can be extremely damaging. The layer of spores increases the heat and humidity on your roof which can warp shingles and damage roof materials. Fungi also feed on tar and limestone disturbing the roofing compounds responsible for UV protection. This can greatly reduce the longevity of your roof.
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Bedfordshire roof cleaning quotesThe Pressure Washing System: Although pressure washing has been a preferred method of roof cleaning for several years, this process can be more detrimental in the long run. Pressure washing should only be used for rinsing an already cleaned roof, never for the removal of fungi and algae itself. The high pressure jet of water can erode your roof, damaging shingles and tiles, while only spreading spores of algae and mildews resulting in a thicker, healthier regrowth. Pressure washing merely prunes without addressing the root of the problem.
Soft-wash Roof Cleaning: The better method of Bedfordshire roof cleaning includes the use of low pressure water systems complete with sanitation chemicals to bleach and kill colonies of algae and fungi. The soft-wash method poses no risk of erosion and allows for a deeper permeation of chemicals so that the unwanted pests are not only removed once, but are also prevented from returning. Be sure to discuss different cleaning methods with the professionals as some roofing materials may not be able to withstand certain chemical washes.
The Dangers of DIY: DIY roof cleaning is strongly not recommended. Identifying the type of infestation and knowing how best to handle it takes years of experience and certified training. Working at extreme elevations can also put you in danger of personal injury should you fall from a ladder or roof top. Improper roof cleaning can cause significant damage to your roof and could end up costing you more in the long run. Why risk injury and unnecessary expenses with a DIY when the professionals are standing by, ready to clean your roof?
Don't live with a roof streaked with algae when affordable roof cleaning is available. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing the problem with your roof and we'll handle the rest. With our access to a network of Bedfordshire roof cleaning professionals, we'll find you the best services at the lowest prices. Don't let an ugly roof diminish the value of your property or put the structural integrity of your home at risk. A pristine roof home could be yours, so get a free no-obligation quote from us today.
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  • Why should I clean my roof? The black streaks you see on your roof are actually algae growth. This build up can damage the tiles on your roof, as well as increasing cooling costs by holding large amounts of heat in your attic spaces.
  • Can I just clean it myself with my pressure washer? You should not use a pressure washer on a roof. While it may get rid of the algae, it can also cause damage to the roof structure and tiles, which can lead to leaks and roof failure. Most cleaning services use environmentally friendly cleaning and low-pressure water hoses.
  • Is it safe to use chemicals to clean my Bedfordshire roof? Using chemicals is not recommended on most roof surfaces, since they may cause damage to a number of surfaces. Mild detergent or degreaser is all you need to get rid of most stains on your roof.
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